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 Five stars are the five stars of Pakistan

Pakistan has yet to lose in the T20 World Cup. Five consecutive victories of the Super Twelve to the semifinals. None of the other three semifinalists were undefeated.

The coordination of the team is most notable behind such a great performance by Pakistan. When the team needs it, someone is waiting. Today Shahin Shah Afridi, tomorrow Mohammad Rizwan, the day after tomorrow Asif Ali or Shoaib Malik: some are winning the game by acting.

Five different cricketers have emerged as the best in Pakistan's five matches in the Super Twelve. This is another proof of how strong Pakistan is as a team.

However, before the T20 World Cup, analysts said that although Pakistan's bowling department was strong, there were doubts about the continuity of batting. Many have said that after the initial pairing of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, there is no player in the Pakistan team who can win the match alone.

But on the ground, Pakistan has shown these criticisms to be wrong. In the match, a player stood up in different situations. He takes the spell from Shaheen Afridi at the start of the match against India. After returning Rohit Sharma and Lokesh Rahul in two big installments, India couldn't do well in the end. Because in the end, Virat Kohli was picked up by this Pakistani left arm pacemaker.

Then the best match against New Zealand was pacemaker Harris Rouf. Martin Guptill, who turned dangerous with 16 runs, came back in the last over of the power game. When New Zealand was desperate for a quick run at 16, Rauf took a bite out of death.

Dangerous Devon Conway and Glenn Phillips scooped three balls away on that change. Rauf, who took 4 wickets for 22 runs in total, played the role of Shahin Afridi in India's match with the ball that day.

After two pacemakers behaved like this in the first two games, one of the batters had to stand up in the third game. A man stepped forward, whom Pakistani supporters have been joking about for the past several years. Asif Ali countered those jokes by combining the equation of 24 12-ball runs with four sixes. He now he is one of the most dangerous hitters in the T20 World Cup.

Pakistan's opponent in the fourth match was Namibia, which went on to play the first T20 World Cup this time. Almost everyone knew that Namibian batsmen would eat in front of the Pakistani bowling alley, it was a matter of watching the batting. In undefeated innings of 69 with 50 balls, Rizwan showed it well.

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The Pakistani middle order force was seen yesterday against Scotland. Even if the opponent is not that strong, scoring 54 runs from 16 balls is no small feat! At the age of 39, Shoaib Malik played such a rich hitting inning. It was understood that Pakistan has a hitter who can score fast runs over Asif Ali in the batting order.

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All in all, Pakistan is the favorite to win the T20 World Cup with a balance in batting and bowling. Pakistan will face Australia in the semi-finals on November 11 in Dubai. If Pakistan also wins this match and someone else is the best, Pakistan will go for the seventh star in the final. If not, it will be the swan of Pakistan!

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