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How to Watch NFL games on phone

How to Watch NFL games on phone? When Labor Day is over, for most people, it means the start of the NFL season. The NFL is the highest level of American football, and many fans want to watch every single game their favorite team plays. For people who are always on the go, and don’t have time to relax on their couches and watch the game live on TV. It is now easy to watch NFL games on their Smartphones (installed on iOS or Android OS). All you need to do is download the app for your specific device, sign up for "NFL Game Pass" and that's it.

Download your Smartphone or Tablet app

There are three ways you can download the program, depending on your device.

Go to the NFL website by clicking

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Watch the NFL on your Android phone or device

You can watch NFL football games broadcast live on your Android phone or mobile device. Below you will find ways to watch all 32 NFL teams broadcast on your Android device.

Ways to Watch National Football League Games
1) NFL: NFL Game Pass (watch all NFL game streams on-demand on your Android device)

2) Media Broadcast: Indwayimane TV, DirecTV NOW

3) Amazon Prime Video: Watch Thursday Night Football online games on Amazon Prime Video TNF or TVs, connected devices including Fire TV, or mobile devices with the Amazon Prime Video app or the iPhone Prime app Video. Customers who are not yet members of the Premier can register for the free trial at

4) Yahoo Sports: Watch NFL Home and Primetime Games live on the Yahoo Sports (iPhone) app or Android app, or on the Yahoo Sports NFL.

5) Verizon: If you have a Verizon Wireless Android mobile data system you can watch live Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and Monday Night Games, as well as a few Sunday games from the NFL Android Mobile App FREE!

6) CBS Sports: Watch live games in the CBS Sports Android app.

7) Foreign: View all NFL Games live online (except the U.S.) Get NFL Game Pass Europe or NFL Game Pass International
8) Preseason: To watch the entire NFL preseason game live or on-demand you will want to get NFL Preseason Live.

What You Should Know Before Broadcast
It is important to note that many online TV services, such as Sling TV and YouTube TV do not allow you to watch NFL games on your phone (save those on the NFL Network) with restriction rights. As such, your best mobile streaming options are NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Mobile, and Yahoo apps, which we describe below.

Yahoo Sports
With the exception of DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, Verizon was the only way to broadcast NFL matches. But under the new NFL contract for Verizon, it opens those games without its subscribers. This year's NFL playoffs are broadcast on the Yahoo Sports app (Android, iOS), and that continues with the NFC and AFC Championship games today (January 21). Download the Yahoo app, and you'll be able to watch the Jaguars in Jacksonville take on the New England Patriots at 3:05 p.m. ET and Minnesota Vikings square face Philadelphia Eagles at 6.40pm ET.

NFL Phone
Verizon customers have been able to use the NFL Mobile app (for iOS and Android) to watch all first-time and home games, including Thursday and Monday games, for as little as $ 1.99 a month. If you're a different carrier, the free version of the app was limited to things like prominence, scoring reviews, and news.

With Verizon's expansion of market games to Yahoo Sports, AOL, and Go90, that could change next season, which will be welcome news for football fans who get their wireless service from another manager.

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