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Best Free Live Streaming Platforms and Apps in 2021

Best Free Live Streaming Platforms and Apps in 2021

Free Live Streaming Platforms

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1. YouTube Live

Free Live Streaming Platforms
YouTube is home to two billion monthly users from around the world. About 89% of its users come from outside the US. While 37% of millennials are swimming-watching the platform every day, research also shows that 51% of boomers are also watching YouTube.

This makes it a blessing to video content creators. There are channels in almost any topic you can think of with the following people.

Reasons to consider using YouTube Live as your live streaming platform:

Global access gives you all the opportunity to build a great community
Making money is possible
Achieving powerful stats on your channel's performance will help you promote your video and product
The YouTube mobile app gives users access to content on the go, helping you reach your audience wherever you are
YouTube Live Platform Features
While the most powerful features are covered above, there are some that you do not want to miss.

For example, YouTube Live comes with a highlight feature. It gives creators the opportunity to create a structured version of their live stream while in action, something that can attract more viewers who want something to watch.

YouTube Live also offers a chat tool that enables interactive audience engagement.

Lastly, Premier (only available on Desktop) allows you to show videos of people watching together for the first time, helping creators create greater interest and excitement with new content.

YouTube Monetization Features
Monetizing videos is a small YouTubers debit card. Live video can be monitored in five ways:

Pre-roll ads that run pre-stream and can be viewed on mobile and computer.
Mid-roll ads show during live streaming and can be added manually during computer broadcasts.
Display and overlay ads appear next to or on top of the content and are only visible to the computer.
Super Chat and Super Stickers are great ways to get started but you will need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program.
YouTube channel membership allows you to share live streams specifically with your channel members (in beta).
YouTube Live Price
YouTube does not charge a fee for using its live streaming feature, however, when you make money from live videos you will be subject to its revenue sharing policy.

2. Live Facebook

Free Live Streaming Platforms

Facebook Live was launched in 2016. Since then, it has grown into an unstoppable platform with 28% of people watching live Facebook streaming every month.

Facebook has a global base of over 2.7 billion active users and age groups ranging in age from 13 to 65+ with Millenials forming the largest group.

Reasons to use Facebook Live as their live streaming platform:

Access to the world's largest social network means greater access to creators
Video creators can stream live from desktop and mobile devices directly to their platform pages
You can monetize live video
Live video statistics provide a good understanding of audience engagement
Facebook Live Features
Facebook Live comes with a collection of useful features. Each is intended to create a fun experience for its users.

You can edit live streaming using Live Producer. This allows creators to promote a future event a week in advance. You can also interact with users via live chat (with comment ratings), and use native cut features to edit live videos in advance.

Facebook Live Monetization Features
Facebook offers in-stream ads that should be used to monetize live videos. You must meet the eligibility requirements before you can create and monetize live streaming. All revenue generated by live video ads is subject to Facebook's revenue-sharing policy.

Nonprofits can use the donation feature if they are ready to receive this service.

Facebook Live Price
Facebook Live is free to use. You will need to own an account to access the platform and stream it live.

3.Life Instagram

Free Live Streaming Platforms

Instagram is more than just your favorite app. It hosts 13% of all live streaming viewers on social media today. This makes it a powerful video platform for creators and products that want to grow.

The largest group of men aged 18 to 24, and 75% of all users are of the same age.

Statistically, it’s not limited to Instagram going on. According to the platform, 90% of all accounts follow a business account — proof that brands can dominate in this social network.

Reasons to use Instagram Live is a live streaming platform:

Access a large global user base
Most people use the app instead of a desktop site that gives creators access to viewers on the go
You can monetize live video
Instagram live features
Instagram Live is a mobile device feature. With it, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a camera and share your message with the world. This includes inviting friends to join the live stream and controlling who can send you a message when you live.

Instagram offers a live streaming chat feature. Active in the comments app section and will hide offensive comments. If you prefer, you can choose to manually control, but this can seem challenging when streaming live.

Instagram Live Features for Monetization
Instagram Live videos can be monetized using in-stream ads. Ad revenue is subject to partner monetization policy.

The platform has been difficult in the task of making donations to live content creators possible. With the purchase of badges from $ 0.99 to $ 4.99, viewers can support their favorite Instagrammer and be seen in real-time.

Instagram Live Price
Instagram Live is freely available to all users.


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