Join Our WhatsApp Group! The ‘Shahanshah’ of Pakistan cricket is now another Afridi

 The ‘Shahanshah’ of Pakistan cricket is now another Afridi

The ‘Shahanshah’ of Pakistan cricket is now another Afridi

The Landikotal area is a special place in Pakistan. Great attraction for tourists. There is also a large market for foreign goods. Located near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the city is also quite remote. But cricket is a matter of interest and joy for the teenagers in the city. Cricket is played all day long in the rugged hilly terrain by wrapping electric tape. Who knew that Pakistan would get a new Shahanshah among the teenagers who played cricket with tape tennis on the field of Landikotal!

Who is this Shahanshah? Why? Shahin Shah Afridi is the new 'Shahanshah' of Pakistan cricket since the India-Pakistan match in Dubai yesterday.

Afridi is the new 'Shahanshah' of Pakistan's bowling attack
New 'Shahanshah' of Pakistan's bowling attack Afridi: Reuters

Say ODIs and T20s ... This is the first time Pakistan has lost to India in the Cricket World Cup. That great victory came in the 13th fight between the two teams. The number '13' may not be unfortunate for Pakistanis since yesterday. This number is now a blessing for them. Of joy. Proud too.

The Pakistanis are enjoying another joy in losing to India. He is happy to rediscover one of the great weapons. The emergence of a new 'Shahanshah' in the realm of Pakistan cricket. Whatever Shaheen Shah Afridi did yesterday, then calling him the new 'Shahanshah' of Pakistan cricket is not an exaggeration.

Shahin Shah has made himself the king of the big stage
Shahin Shah has made himself the king of the big stage. Photo: AFP

The Pakistanis can only thank former captain Mushtaq Mohammad. A few years ago, he went to a local under-16 cricket tournament in Landikotal. Like a seasoned jeweler, his eyes are fixed on a long-leaky boy's bowling. He shouts loudly with his left hand. The look is very simple. But the simple boy with the ball became terrible.

After searching, Mushtaq found out that the meditation of this boy from the local Afridi tribe is to play ball with a tape called tennis. Large lack of field in Landikotal. The one or two chilts of land in the gaps between the hills and mountains are also rocky. In the meantime, the boy bowled as hard as he could in local cricket matches. If there is no game, he plays ball by himself all day long. His competition with himself — how perfect that bowling!

Shahenshah has taken over the reins of Pakistan cricket tomorrow
'Shahenshah' to take charge tomorrow: Reuters
Mushtaq's great choice is the boy. In another match, he got the most wickets by bowling fast. By the way, Mushtaq decided to bring this boy from a remote area out of the public eye. Introduce Pakistan cricket. He also gave. The boy did not have to look back.

Starting from the local age group, he got a chance in the age group of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam took eight wickets in the first match after getting a chance in the trophy থেকেই from there he gradually sharpened himself, then yesterday's match in Dubai. Such is the story of Shahin Shah Afridi becoming the 'Shahanshah' of Pakistan cricket.

There is no shortage of fast bowlers in Pakistan cricket. The rise of Shahin Shah Afridi is significant in a country where fast bowlers thrive in the alleys, in countries where fast bowlers like Imran Khan, Sarfaraz Nawaz, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Akib Javed or Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz are born. No. But the difference between Shahin Shah Afridi and the current fast bowlers is that he is different from many others.

He has established himself as a hero by taking wickets of Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul and Virat Kohli against India. He has many achievements before. However, the specialty of Shaheen Afridi is that he is becoming sharper and more dangerous.

Before the match, the bird's eye view of the wickets of the best batsmen in India. It is no longer a matter of implementing it. The Indian batting line-up has been burnt by the fire of speed. First Rohit Sharma, then Lokesh Rahul, finally captain Virat Kohli. It was this left-arm fast bowler who paved the way for Pakistan's first win against India in the World Cup by returning three of India's best batsmen. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan's confident struggle is based on the foundation he has laid.

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Whoever holds such a great victory, he can be called 'Shahanshah'!

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