How to Watch Dallas Cowboys Games Without Cable

How to Watch Dallas Cowboys Games Without Cable

We’re here to share how to watch Dallas Cowboys games without cable. All knowing or loving all feeling of being all-powerful just damn all everything that's sexy as hell host bringing you guys to bring you guys the latest in the greatest ways to cut that cord and I do have a lot of people that follow my channel that doesn't want to be underground cord cutters and what you see on my screen is the home screen for the Roku a lot of people relate Roku in the streaming world as apple and I mean Mac vs. PC you know some people think they're high and mighty and way up here because they owned a Mac and they just pick on everybody else that owns a PC that is saving feel the same way about Roku they feel like Roku is the Mac of streaming devices and all the other was a PC totally disagree with that because there are some great high powered devices that open source software to allow you to hold out of stuff at this piece of s won't do want to do but because I do have told people that use the Roku we're going to talk about this app I found called.

For your sports bar before we do that put on my plus seven glasses + 7 glasses of you to reviewing work on Skilling up my craft a little bit of giving you guys are unbiased Fair Fairview so it is the stadium is free but they have it where you can get a subscription service let's do a little tour that's quick inside of this thing it looks nice I mean the screen looks nice and so when you get to the main screen of the app is got home it has that has live Events if you're interested in what's going on live stadium TV that's their live streaming service has their future content so you can go NFL NBA whatever you look for UFC leagues and conferences they list them all out for you so let's go ahead and start from the very go me to come to the home and you click on something latest news NFL whatever let's just go ahead and see what's going on in this place so let's click on Stadium TV I don't know if this.

Or what but it looks good so this is some NFL New obviously this is the homie Martin Schottenheimer the old football coach asked people know that all right so that looks good let's see what's in the latest news of this app and so basically you got them talking about Washington State Randy Moss Terrell Owens in the Hall of Fame 252 second clip that clicks on it and sees what the clarity is looking like got to deal with a little Addie's in this joint what in the world I guess everybody got to get paid one way or the other one right even this app they wanted to get paid but damn this got out of get out of this to have to assume the subscription won't have to go, Randy Moss Hall of Fame, we go through this the more I'm kind of like y'all this might be a waste of your time you might can do better on Website let's go to Live Events let's see if Live.

Is going to do something to make me feel better all right so let's see you later today the event s for LA s s r event for later today at 4 New Mexico basketball okay let's see what they got for tomorrow alright more College basketball let's see what's on Wednesday post game post-game Lafayette, okay okay let's see Thursday then and we've already clicked on the stadium TV let's see what's in feature okay ok okay not much many conferences so let's just quick on my boxing gloves give a quick on baseball see what they talkin bout so when you take you through each individual team let's see what the Detroit Tigers is talkin all they've got one clip in and gentlemen this is been the fastest or you have ever seen in your life I'm going to say the stuff ed hat I re er stuff they're offering you for free you pretty much I'm getting on Website I'm going to say this is don't even waste your time on this one I'm having second thoughts about making this video as I'm getting

Of this thing, my best but for those are you of you that want to get access to it and you running your Roku because you want to do Sports replays that type deal you come on over here to where it says let me see you streaming you would search channels you just type in-stadium just like I did so it is right there once you get that part just rolling over give it a clit and from there you can download it and have it in the top of your channels and let me take these glasses off cuz that wasn't even worth the reviews who'd o that way of you that want to stay above ground aboveground I would say this is not really a good option I mean you can go to Website for everything they're trying to offer you and see and turn and turn the sports replays some of that documentary stuff we saw on their streaming live Channel as of right now in 2018 this is a no-go I mean just a no-go and that's going to

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