CFP National Championship: 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

CFP National Championship

Here We Are one game left in the college football season will FBS CFP National Championship anyway course we have the SDS in the spring time so you know take take what you will with that but in the FBS yeah one game left and that is the national championship game number one Alabama taking on number 3 Ohio State FB know who the Heisman Trophy winner is and it was clearly going to be to be the Bonte Smith in 's just it's just like like what he has what he has allowed us did he did he honestly stole this thing away the last week's the season based on how how Kyle Trask there in the last couple weeks of the season which was not the greatest and least stolen Devonta Smith stole that away Notre Dame in the semifinals with three touchdowns so Devonta Smith congrats and then this is the this is one of the guys do Ohio state has the focus on the door with the national championship of course there is Justin Fields field struggles on the and has a great game like you did against Clemson or he has some struggling game Western in Indiana for example which just just filled so we going to get is Ohio State going to is is back is like Master

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back to season and will Alabama get waddle back. Jaylen waddle leave and come back button for the national championship is messing things up once again like it has been all season long and Kobe could have pushed the national championship game back for January 18th if things were so inclined but thankfully that is not happening so as of yet as of the scared led to go scheduled to go on as normal and we can complete the college football season on January 11th like we have in or you know things make a wrong next couple days I don't really have much to say about Mac Jones Mike Jones you know how big he's a guy that's just benefiting from what's been going on with all these Stars that he has around due to ng doing he's at an at out a lot at alibi ma know that Alabama offense with Steve Sarkisian about to go to Texas you know what e world is is that in the world does that entail for Alabama think I don't I don't be fine next year but only time will tell how fine they are but in the right now with the

Alabama score Ohio State have to get pressure on Mac Jones they have to get they have a full staff Pro do they have to force them broke and I'm not talking talkin throws to it's going to taste it was talking bad throat throws it picked are they actually get some pressure on him they have to stuff they have to do all these things to stop out now and if they can't do that what people say it say it hey this is not going to be a blowout okay this is going to be a close game it's not like the national championship wearing her Clemson destroyed Alabama or Ohio State beat up on Oregon you know way back with the first guy e will be game will be a lot closer than people realize I don't know why people are saying that this will be a flaw it's not going to be a blowout to Ohio to Ohio State you know Ryan Day Nick Saban it's a big-time matchup heavyweight match up for the title you know both teams to go to bring the their A-game for this weekend for this and whoever comes out on top will be the national Champion Course they will have all the momentum going to get to the next season of course there are some other things Riff Raff raft want ly have really have a prediction

what the school will be but I'm going to say it's going to be closed that's all I can say is that it will be closed it will be a close game against whoever comes out on top bee have been like this year Indiana and you know why I think once this Championship with only eight games of Bel-Air that's cool that's fine ove win s the wins it springs Stolle fine but I re-use if they can overcome all the odds to beat Alabama that that would be your mirror in 2014 that would be totally 2014 all over again repeat it repeated 7 years later Alabama wins this game will be just another trophy to so who do you think will win the national championship make sure you like like like comment share subscribe through all that good stuff for wildcard stuff so take care everybody, everybody

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