All the College Football Teams I Best College Football Nicknames of All Time

All the College Football Teams

All the College Football Teams. Is going on guys bangle get here coming back at you with another video joined today by TT tt23 his link will be down in description also before Taylor says a doing some for k with sporcle quizzes for a long time even Taylor and I have done a few together like probably wouldn't six months ago would you say be doing quizzes on Website if not for the homie were acquaintances through the internet what it's whatever like it's like we vaguely know of each other bag has King of the 4th quarter really nice guy actually so I had him up in the DM yo I don't want to step on any feet is it cool if we do some quizzes or I do and he's like go for it so he doesn't NBA stuff I'm here to bring football and NCAA I tweeze out on to Twitter Twitter That's the Best Buy for tweets honestly and I asked out which would also like to description Shameless 5 5 College names so here we are can you name your name to be all 128 FBS college football nicknames I did not misspeak there it's wrong in the title so I

myself a decent college football pants fan somebody is going to be hard though like they will be like already I I think about it once we're not her baby alternating just filling them in and seeing how many we can do is it as a team like a nice will tag team going on so I'm ready to start this quiz TT are you ready I am ready 321 321 play quiz start out I'm just going to do the ones that I know for a fact and a Bearcats for Cincinnati can I ct Connecticut do not like I'm blanking outside of course is a of a ant e I d I do l a ike a do ready talked like I already typed in Wildcats for sake Arizona I feel like I already typed it in we may have whatever Arizona State Sun Devils cow is Golden Bears Oregon is is is Ducks Washington State what is Washington state I know I know it I know it might have a trident looking thing I'm trying to do anything huh I knew it was a place like but it's like when you're trying to think of so many different colleges at once a cut becomes a little bit hard so I think the best way to go about this

just kind of feel so men and I are sure Taylor's going about it and I think what I'm to do is just like are you going to try to do weekend obviously got to go to my favorites in the Texas Longhorns Baylor Bears Oklahoma Sooners Oak State Cowboys Texas Tech Red Raiders Iowa State lacrosse well yeah I was going to do what you said I wish I was going to do Hawkeyes or you said Hawkeyes or Iowa and their ago we're at it out of tigers on Tulsa what is Tulsa Duty Duty to do is it wait that's two lanes a wave is Tulane Green Wave it is Terrapins that's reverse the Terps I know them Virginia we've got the Cavaliers to r r Virginia to Virginia Tech cheats Revenge is blank and I want that I easily know no Wolverines Wisconsin Badgers Badgers. There is Florida State Seminoles Target for Duke and UNC Wake Forest what is the zips Akron the toilet the Toledo Rockets you wanted to be Toledo torpedoes a how about Louisiana Louisiana-lafayette Ragin cages are Blue Mountain State mountain goats know let's try to conquer the left side Rucker's I know because Wreckers is local to me a New Jersey

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Knights do you like I'm black and I want that is easy like it took me a little bit to get Scarlet Knights West Virginia is the Mountaineers we have 6 minutes and 30 seconds to go to Syracuse Orange BC Boston College is that's not Boston College wait oh shoot yeah that does the Eagles is Southern Miss something Eagles emirs Jesse go goes Jesse. es fighting a goes Illinois Fighting Illini the Hoosiers what the hell is the Nittany the phone when they see when Michigan state is the Senators know how I like it when you're trying to think so hard is laser X it's late is of wine why it's so funny that I like I know these so well I keep saying that that the Aggies for the Utah Utes by the way BYU Cougars why do I think it's not that it is though Spartans oh my God it's so annoying San Jose State Spartans, of course, San Jose State channel to Nat Verde College not very nice guy Boise State whole is a horse on it is why can't I u stay y by t you It's ess plan longers Broncos Corey Davis went there so did another good lineman but not another Not do their the Hilltoppers yeah yeah still toppers Yeahs Hilltoppers Notre Dame like Fighting Irish for

half e for a half-second Florida Gators we have in Ghana. Alabama Crimson Tide we have done something really easy one's South Carolina Gamecocks Tennessee Volunteers already got Aggies Better Aggies Vanderbilt Commodores USC Trojans Stanford Cardinal Stanford UCLA to play really is the Bruins Arkansas is old is it Rebels I just read ly e d I just realized by the way earlier I said San Jose State for not very I made a very bad mistake I meant San Diego State San Jose State is David Fales I think I'm mad right now I already have those Panthers Panthers have I already is actually really mad with the way I've done so far I am to UCF is the at re Army nice it is just it's just nights Knight's Marshal dude what's Marshall a noting this is s is now then this is not green something but I know there are men color there is Men Color screen I sound like an idiot right now we're missing some easy one's Colorado bison a why can't I think of the n a NY why I must get pissed I have 95 I'm so mad right

the herd the know if at the el like know if I feel like to do nt ike to Lake Lewisville what is going on right now what is Louisville I just didn't type that I typed Cardinal earlier and threw me off is totally Cardinals Miami Hurricanes University of SMU there the militia there's something militia is on there I'm pretty sure I can't remember Old Dominion going to be mad at some of these 40 seconds is good Appalachian State a police record Bowling Green I have no clue it like I know all I Wake Forest the thing in my head I can't figure out what it's called but I don't even have Navy dude I have no clue why is something to do with sure sure this was such a disaster I apologize is Navy Rainbow Warriors is a d m a is a demon Deacons I totally wouldn't have gotten that Colorado's Buffalo Colorado State Rams I could think of a monitor Old Dominion shoots dude that's so which one 3 hours I was too easy to FAU owls to easy Thundering Herd for Marshall by the way up Mountain Dew that day I said Wildcats for Texas state and I screwed up this was an absolute disaster I got 99 and even crack a hundred yeah Central Michigan chippewas I did know that too too nty seven percent the h the average score 77% average

that I should have honestly I should have remembered midshipman but I was going to come up with that I should have remembered Rainbow Warriors Lobos I'm so mad it's what you're trying to take a so many teams with the time I just screwed up I apologize guys we can get better at quizzes that this was an absolute disaster Myers she got in Buffalo's should have gotten Rams ramps for Colorado State shout out to Weston Richburg honestly should have gotten Bishop in a rainbow worries it's 5 5:00 should have gotten Bobcats that's twice so that's seven should have gotten have a friend that goes to Old Dominion I should have gotten War Hawks warhawks so I guess I should have gotten 9 s a chip of all the owls dude I should have gotten like around twelve or thirteen more that I just didn't get cuz I'm an idiot I guess and what it does is a disappointing performance can you say disappointed disappointed right that's a disappointing this performance links to Taylor in the description saying with King of the 4th quarter I know it sounds. Trap you I will not be shouting out the king of the 4th quarter in the rest of this video is for quizzes I got his Blessing it's whatever and I can't be saying every

what if we didn't work labs which I'm sure I will with Taylor more of these, hope you guys enjoy this my first crack at this and you know I'm in NFL head and I thought I was going to able to dominate college football and I was my s sed en mistaken 99 99 out of 128 let's just it's just missed opportunities I just disappointing so you should feel better about yourself I shouldn't cuz  I know thank you guys for watching thank you guys for watching

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