College Football National Championship 2017 I College Football Playoff National Championship

College Football National Championship 2017

The President: Thank you very much. And it is my great honor to welcome the national college football champions 2017 to the White House, University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Congratulations. Congratulations. (Applause) To the President of Universities Stuart Bell, athletics director Greg Byrne, Coach Nick Saban, and a team of regular athletes - and they are outstanding and very rich; they will be very much - (laughs) - come together here, congratulations on your amazing victory. It was true to win for years.

I don't know if you know, but I was there. I was there. I've seen it. Each of you here today is here because of your vitality, your drive, your dedication, and your amazing cooperation. You all worked together, encouraged each other, had a backbone for each other, and moved on to one of the greatest victories ever. He continues the established tradition of Alabama football professionalism. Very good. Coach, you have to explain that.

You could sell that secret and make a lot of money. You know that. (Laughter) You can only sell it. Over the past few decades, America has learned - in fact - in a very big way, learning that Alabama football knows how to win and how to keep winning. They kept winning. And it takes a great coach and a great sports director with all the other ingredients.

But now he has won the 26SEC Games and the 17 National Championships. Your five world championships were won under coach Saban. Was it five or six? It's six? I thought it was six. It's going to be six. Right? Coach Saban: And one at LSU. (Laughter) President: And one at LSU. All right. (Laughter) So, do you have a total of six? Hewu. (Laughter) They shouldn't let you go, Coach. (Laughter) And they think that, too. It includes this year's national championship, which will go down as one of the most accomplished events in the history of college football - of any sport. Anyone who wants to know how Alabama is doing should learn the simple philosophy of coach Saban. It's called "Process." The coach tells his players, "Don't look at the scoreboard; don't look at any foreign objects." Just focus on "all your efforts, all your difficulties, and all your commands" in making each game.

One play at a time. And by doing so, by focusing on "Process," the win-win result will take care of itself. It's a great philosophy. In a national hero game, you stick to "Process," even if it looks very difficult. I was watching it. I said, "Coach, don't look so good." Under a seven-hour voyage to Georgia's biggest team, these champions fight like they do all season. And they kept fighting and fighting. Jalen Hurts has shown great resilience and leadership. Where is Jalen? Jalen. (Applause) Good. Good job. That was calm. Calvin Ridley burned the defenses all year round, becoming the second recipient - and the only one - in Alabama history to cover more than 200 jobs. Two hundred. Where is Calvin? Hi, Calvin. (Applause and laughter) Two hundred welcome. That's not bad. Damien Harris has taken his rightful place alongside the well-known Alabama ballcarriers of years past.

Damien. Damien. Hello, Damien. (Applause) Rashaan Evans and Da'Ron Payne and all the defense forces filed a lawsuit against each other. I’ve watched a lot of those games and sometimes, as Coach Saban likes to say, your cheating made them stop. Stop them. We do that for a lot of people, too. (Laughter) I'm reading. Where are Bradley B. and Rashaan and Da'Ron? Where are you guys? Come here. (Applause) That money will be coming in. Look at the size of these boys. So, Bradley, good job. The offensive line kept the waves downhill. And Bradley got the victory of his life after a big game, when his girlfriend admitted, "Yeah, I'm going to marry you." (Applause) Are you still there? Bozeman: He is. (Laughs) Luckily. The President: He is still alive. That's good. (Laughter) There was one moment when it looked sour for Alabama in the title game.

In the first extra-time play, Georgia thrashed Tua with huge losses. Where is Tua? Where is Tua? (Applause) Tua, what are you doing up there? What are you doing up there? (Laughter) But that was the only loss they had. But the Crimson Tide never gave up - never even a little bit - and it just worked. In the next game, Tua came down and went back to pass, unloading the ball from the center of the pitch - I was watching - the whole world watched as arms were raised, DeVontaSmith grabbed the ball to win. DeVonta. (Applause) And that was an amazing win. DeVonta? Where is DeVonta? What's going on there? (Laughter and applause) Incredible throwing and grabbing. Every minute of hard work and preparation for Alabama has been achieved.

We are proud of you. We are proud of your partners. Each member of this amazing football program, you can all be proud of. We are proud of the way you play. We are proud of how independent you are, at the university and in your country. And that's a good, good condition. I know because I won it by 32 points. (Laughter and applause) I actually think more than that, but still. You know, the media, you like to keep it low because they'll always guide you. (Laughter) We are also proud to have named the national champions of the University of Alabama. Thanks, and Roll Tide. (Applause) It is a great honor for me to introduce the man I respect the most.

I don't know him; I met him today at the Oval Office. And you've been here six times, but this is your first time at the Oval Office. They didn't invite you, someone - they didn't invite you? See? (Laughter) Trump invites you. But he is a great coach. And you know, he's a great winner. I think that, more than anything else, you are a great winner. Coach Nick Saban. Thank you. Thank you, Coach. (Applause) Coach Saban: You know, not many people are invited to the White House, so not many people are invited to see the President

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