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How to Watch the Patriots Game Online

How to Watch the Patriots Game Online Put need more help or just want to show her support then head over to my picture on and join my team we can get exclusive content on ebooks and bonus plays Wells early access to my bids and more like a description below I will bring you some a little bit different today I got a video on how to get any NFL game you want on your television for free already put out a video on how to get any NFL game you want on your phone but if you want to watch on some a little bigger this is a video for that sell Papa link for that video to be popping up in the top right corner also put it in the description below if you guys can check that out that's good if you're like at work or something or somewhere you can't be around a television that's the best way to what to do that but to do this method all you really need obviously is a computer if you want to watch this on a big screen TV you need to a computer with an HDMI cable that's actually will plug from your computer to television that part's simple other than

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was going to show you the simplest method to do this room to go away for going to navigate away from my home screen essential you just got to go to Google I got to do is go through Google and that's what I want right now I'm going to so I'm just going to type in best and you see if I can pop up because I've done it before best free streaming Sports sites that's all I got to do click on to be ing up some to bring up some add to the top there they will be in all things they want you to buy but the one that you want to go to is this one right here the best damn free Bible it says were here the top 25 streaming Sports site so gives you a list it doesn't if you want to give you a list of multiple options and then when I get here they scroll down and you got some got a whole list of options here now and this one right here is one of my favorite the Batman stream I use that one a lot I don't just use this for

because I live in my local market I don't really need to but I use it for MMA fights mostly pay-per-view stuff I get with the with this and it works really good no issues about that was one of my favourite but I tried that before I record this video and it wasn't working to get I couldn't find a livestream going so this one here actually is but a bit live TV another one uses from hot is called from hot her I'll try to spell it out and text or something but that was a good one that I use from time to time there's a lot of good ones a lot of people in the comments section will say they probably use P2P year or I'm sure just bought I hear VIPBox I hear I usually use StreamHunter that's down here a little bit I don't think that's called that anymore though but this this thing they're all sometimes bigger ones get shut down wysiwyg Loyola is your your pretty good FirstRowSports I've had issues with them not a fan of that but you know this is this is you know they give a rating in the school and everything that's why I said like I like that makes you mad and he's he's talked to maybe I'll try to make some point I have a bottom-line I'm going to go and imma show you live

to do this one was easiest easiest we will head will pop that up you'll get a lot of popups with these things this one here will give you again a Batman stream will give you a lot of things to tell you like you need to sign up you have to you know when your credit you don't have to do that those are pop-ups you close those so if you ever get anything excites you use if you use the hose those you'll get pop-ups pop-ups what's my live stream Sports I chose this one I think when I did the Batman stream before I before I did this video I just been finalized thing going with this year has multiple lives things right here on the side they typically on this page where you can like take your category without a search engine so you can can just search you know the name of the football team you want to watch it's real simple you know there's yeah that's that's that's why the easiest way to find what you want to find closest Craigslist pick something live here just to show you how pops up to hear it's going to give you a different browser links and it'll tell

if it's like a good browser a Bad Brad's like it'll have like a rating like the one that like sometimes they like 40% ratings and stuff like that you don't want to click those are all 99 so it's going like this pic 1 what I might just pick one brings a little pop up I ike I s said like I said all you got to really do I don't know maybe it's over I was just I was watching a little while ago and I'll try another going to be to full forty five percent 45% I'll go to 99% obviously this one this one's e one's life you s Olivia a ia able to e tennis match go ing have a little tennis match going here so this is this Is it and then you just going to hit the maximize button obviously and you go to full screen and you're not getting the full screen because my TV screen capture recorded not full screen but this is it I mean to do this with any sport like I said NFL's obviously what you guys are probably going to be using it for it for a while but that's it so if you guys want to hook me up with a light just for thinking of you I'd appreciate I'd appreciate that other than that enjoy your

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