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The real pain of losing even after receiving

 The draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League saw something unimaginable yesterday. After the draw, all teams knew the names of their opponents. But after a while there is news that the previous draw is being canceled due to technical error, a new draw will be held.

The fate of 14 teams has changed with the new draw. Many teams have been happy with this, while teams like Real Madrid, Salzburg and Sporting Lisbon have been upset. Let's see which matches are likely to be tied in yesterday's double draw. And in a new game, the excitement spread. Let's find out why most of the big teams are excited about the upcoming draw.

Those who were supposed to meet in the first draw.

People who were supposed to be in the first draw: Reuters

The problem yesterday was who would play with Villarreal, yes. Manchester United emerged as Villarreal's rival in the draw. But the rule of the draw is that teams from the same group do not face each other in the round of 16. Villarreal and United were in the same group in the group stage. If so?

United's name was promptly removed and a new draw was held. The Manchester City name appeared on it, but one remained. Given that United are not supposed to be in the draw, is the name of any potential opponents left out? United was also in the next debate. Potential Atletico Madrid opponents were named Liverpool from the same group as Atlético instead of United. The debate began after the draw ceremony. Bayern Munich have been blamed by UEFA's Atlético. A new draw was demanded.

Real, who found Benfica as a rival, took a new position in the face of the tie.

Amid heated discussions, UEFA announced that a new draw would be held.

UEFA tweeted: "Software provided by an external organization indicates which teams are most likely to play for which teams." There was an error in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 draw due to a technical glitch in the software. As a result, the draw was declared void and a new draw will be held at 3 pm local time (8 pm Bangladesh time).

The last 16 Champions League games have been scheduled in that draw.

Real Madrid first had Benfica as an opponent. Real were very happy to have three teams in the Portuguese league. But in the next draw, Real was left with the best team in the French league. Neymar-Mbappe-Di Maria-Veratti were already at PSG. This season Messi-Ramos-Vinaldum-Donnarumma have joined the team. There is no doubt that La Real is unhappy in this draw. On the other hand, putting Real in shape instead of United has also been a relief for PSG.

After two draws, nothing came out of Manchester City. The team that was in great shape with a great squad got Villarreal first. Later they got Sporting. This may piss off Sporting a bit. Because first they got Juventus as a rival. Manchester City are much tougher opponents than Juventus, who lost to Ronaldo.

Both teams have benefited from this draw. Ajax got Inter Milan for the first time. Instead of the best team in Serie A, they have Benfica, the third team in the Portuguese league. Meanwhile, Benfica is also happy. They didn't have to read against Real Madrid!

No team wanted to read against Bayern Munich

He did not want to read a profile photo of the team against Bayern Munich: Reuters

Bayern Munich-Red Bull Salzburg

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Former Bayern midfielder DD Haman said three days ago that he believes Atlético de Madrid or Chelsea are the toughest rivals. The Spanish won the last match of the knockout phase of the Champions League. Bayern beat Atlético yesterday in the first draw. Later he took the place of the Austrian club Salzburg. Bayern are very satisfied with the next draw. Meanwhile, Atlético took over United. Compared to Bayern, who are in great shape, Atlético may seem like an easier opponent for United to lose. On the other hand, there were no gains or losses on this side of Salzburg. They got Bayern instead of Liverpool.

The second draw only exacerbated Liverpool's problems. They got Inter Milan instead of Salzburg. Inter lost to Romelu Lukaku and coach Antonio Conte at the start of the season. However, he led the team to the top of Serie A. Meanwhile, Inter Milan's first rival was Ajax. Ajax is in great shape. However, the team would have been happier to have Ajax than Liverpool.

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