Messi has played incredibly well in the first four months of the PSG

Who is the best star of PSG now? The club's plan to focus on Neymar's future has not been successful. Instead, Killian Mbappe has been pulling the club for the last two seasons. That is why the Parisian club wants to keep him with a new five-year contract with an incredible salary. But Mbappe is not the best star of the club. When someone named Lionel Messi plays in a club, there is no way.

Since Messi is in the team, his praise must be sung. Sports director Leonardo did just that. However, the question may arise as to the reason given by him for his praise. Leonardo claims Messi's first four months in the PSG are unbelievable.

Messi-Mbappe pair is seen regularly

Messi-Mbappe duo can be seen in the regular profile picture: Reuters

PSG pulled Neymar-Mbappe in 2016 in the hope of becoming a big name in the world of football. But neither of them has the ability to attract fans like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi's huge fan base. The club has finally succeeded in trying to pull these two into the team for a long time. In this transfer, PSG has taken the opportunity to get the opportunity due to the financial crisis of Barcelona. Messi has become the strongest team in the world on paper and in the team, having already made a big change of team.

However, the team has not yet caught the eye on the field. Whether it's the failure of coach Mauricio Pachettino, or the lack of proper tactics, there is no life in the PSG game. PSG's alliance with other opponents in the French league is not allowing the gap to have any effect on the league table. But PSG's weakness against Manchester City in the Champions League has caught everyone's eye.

Messi-Neymar-Mbappe have yet to be ‘Trifala’

Messi-Neymar-Mbappe yet to be 'Trifala' File Photo: Reuters

Messi is not responsible for this. As can be seen in almost every match, Messi is not able to play as he likes. Only his chemistry with Mbopp can be seen, the rest are not able to do the job of exchanging passes with Messi properly. Not getting lucky. Occasionally the ball hits the goal or post. As a result of PSG, goal scorer Messi has not been seen yet. In an interview with Europe One, Leonardo said: "There is no question about Leo Messi. If you argue about Messi, you don't know anything about football. Never hesitate about him. Look at the number of Messi, in the first six months (four months) this number is incredible. He and Mbappe were involved in almost all of the club's goals. '

Mbappe and Messi are really pulling PSG this season. They contributed to 41 of the team's 54 goals. Mbappe has scored 15 goals and conceded 15. Messi contributed 11 goals. Of these, he did 5 with his teammates and Messi did 1 himself. Messi has scored one goal in 10 matches in the French league. As a result, Messi is as great on the field as before, but in terms of numbers, Messi is no longer incredible. Because, in Barcelona's jersey, at this stage of the season for the last decade, there would be at least twenty or so goals in all competitions.

Messi left Barাa to join PSG last August

Messifile left Bar্সa and joined PSG last August. Photo: AFP

PSG's game is messy this season. Many see the responsibility of Messi-Neymar-Mbapp behind this. Complaints against them, they do not help in the defense of the team. This puts extra pressure on the rest, and as a result, PSG is not able to play football as a team.

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Leonardo, however, is not taking these allegations lightly. We have become stronger with him. You can schedule any match. Who says you have to run 12 kilometers in one match? He has been playing like this for 20 years. If you change the player next to you, the game will change. But he is a genius, that's why he can adapt and there are more geniuses in the team who will adapt to him. Those who believe, he walks in the field, they are bringing danger. Idrisa runs 15 kilometers in the match, but she also walks occasionally.


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