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Who cares about the Champions today

Today in the Champions League from one place to another. Today is the last round match of the four groups. But in the meantime, seven teams have made it to the last sixteen. Even both teams are guaranteed to go to the Europa League. Only one group has yet to calculate who will be second and third. The two teams will also battle for third place in Group A.

That does not mean that everyone will go out into the field without accounting. All the little accounts are still there today. Let's see which team will go out on the field today with what they think.

Messi will go down to answer the criticism

Messi will respond to criticism: PSG's Twitter

Group A

The group champions Manchester City and the group runners-up PSG have been confirmed in the last round. So today these two teams can put the strength of their squad to the test if they wish. Meanwhile, the clubs Bruga and Leipzig, which are hoping for a place in the Europa League, will keep that hope. Because, Bruga and Leipzig, who came out onto the field with 4 equal points, have to go ahead in the race to reach Europe. And if the two teams leave the field with the same points, then Leipzig, which is ahead as a head-to-head fight, will go to Europe.

Group status

Manchester City: 12 points

PSG: 6 points

Leipzig: 4 points

Club Bruga: 4 points

Can Milan survive in the Champions League?

Can Milan survive in the Champions League? Photo: AC Milan Twitter

B Group

This group is sitting with all the attractions. Only Liverpool have secured first place by winning the first five games. Meanwhile, Porto (5 points), AC Milan (4) and Atlético de Madrid (4) are shaking their fortunes. For a tough match today, they will have to beat Liverpool, who are in great shape in the group. Apart from this, no other result will be able to sustain them in the Champions League. Meanwhile, Atlético is expected to lose Porto points in another match. Atlético got equal points but Milan went ahead like a head-to-head. So today they have to wish Porto to qualify with their victory.

Meanwhile, Atlético should expect Milan to lose points with a victory at Porto. From this side, Porto is in a favorable position. You don't have to think of others just to win in your own field.

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Group status

Liverpool (15)

Porto (5)

Milan (4)

Athletic (4)

Group C

There are no equations left in this group. Today is the turn of the four teams to practice games. Ajax will surely be the group champion and Lisbon is the group runner-up. Dortmund are third in the Europa League, with Besiktas out. The two games in this group today are just to defend the rules.

Group status

Ajax (15)

Sporting Lisbon (9)

Borussia Dortmund (7)

Basics (0)

Will Ancelotti give Hazard a chance today?

Will Ancelotti give Hazard a chance today? Photo: Real Madrid Twitter

Group D

Discussion about who will be the best in this group. Real Madrid and Inter Milan go to the next round, that's for sure. Real Madrid will be in a favorable position at home. Today, only if there is a draw against Inter Milan. The rest of the group match is about upholding the rules. Sheriff goes to the Europa League as third, Shakhtar has been left out.

Group status

Real Madrid (12)

Inter Milan (10)

Bailiff (6)

Shakhtar (1)

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