Randolph Macon Football Roster | 2019 Randolph-Macon Football Roster

Randolph Macon Football Roster

And pipes over 60 take a Goin Down everybody and welcome back to another San Jose Jose State Dynasty here on NCAA football in Randolph Macon Football Roster and this episode we are just going over a recruiting update then also I will be showing you the Heisman candidates and top 25 Poll so this is just an overview of our recruits you were going after where we're putting our points in Canada kind of going after more big targets as you can see we're really going all-in on recruiting this year they know when it really kicks in is that end of the season offseason that's when we get a lot of those points and that's when we're planning on pulling in these big names were just trying to keep up in the race here in the regular season so we don't fall too far behind as I'm talking here are your huysmans and now going on to the top 25 polls you can go ahead pause as needed to see where your team is if it's can see see the top 25 polls have been shuffling around a lot if you take a look at that last week Calum and then the rain.

Of those that do not match up is there was USC number to they took a loss falling to number 17 wasn't even on top 25 last week so again everything here it's it's a really up and & Down season 4 teams are we drop one spot to 24 I think it helps that we played an unranked team but again you know nothing is set in stone in college football as you all know you're going to make a quick upgrade here to our offensive coordinator and that's going to wrap this episode up guys next episode will be a game against Texas A&M so until time time

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