How to Watch Patriots Game Today That Had Gone Way Too Far

How to Watch Patriots Game Today

How to Watch Patriots Game Today Say that Cam Newton did his best with a torn ankle any blame directed at Newton right now proves that he is a star QB and has received a lot of public attention within a week Patriots brought fans through many levels of emotions things were all well less than a week ago for The Patriots Thursday night's 20423 lost to the Rams was anything but New England entered week 14 riding a wave of momentum created by it's it's 40520 shut out of the Chargers on Sunday it took less than 4 minutes for LA to outdo it's in town rival with a game-opening touchdown from their Cam Newton in the pants found themselves playing catch-up his benching with 10:12 remaining in regulation sums up the type of evening this ended up being we knew exactly what they were going to do Newton said afterward we just got to be better and it starts with me to e make have to make more place that's what it comes down to.

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The defense set the tone or at the tone early with its pressure and coverage working in tandem to force back-to-back 3 announced that number would become somewhat of a theme for the rest of the contact while attempting to set up a screen for Damien Harris on the third play of the Pats they're dry Newton hurried the throw is Leonard Floyd Green toward him on his right the errant pass landed in the arms of Kenny Young who took it 79 yards to the house for the longest pick-6 of the 2020 season facing a now 17 zip deficit the Patriots put together their best series of the night spending 66 yards over 12 plays 11 runs situated at the LA to on fourth-and-goal Newton appear to have hair is open on an option pitch but the qb1 opted to keep it and got tackled by linebacker Justin Hollins for a loss of 2 to it was just too outside of the pitch key and I didn't want to you know kind of pitch the ball in lead to a just took.

Took my chances in trying to take it up in there and see how much I could get and I did that didn't want to create another bad play Newton said of his vantage point on the play the turnover on Downs proved to be the momentum halting sequence it felt like at the moment New England would not your 29-yard Nick Folk field goal late in the second quarter but the Rams defense brought the pain to close the game 4 of Emmys last state drives lasted 3 three plays in three of the Pats last four outings passing for less than 120 yds still led to wins Newton recorded 119 on TNF but the Run game 29 29/107 failed to a product at TD for the first time since week 7 as the driving force of one of the NFL's best rushing attacks things will only get corrected for Newton who added a 3-yard scramble in the second an as n well went one of for 4:30 four for 30 yards and took four sacks before getting pulled even after another underwhelming Knight coach Bill Belichick.

Not ready to make a permanent change at QB as evidenced by how quickly you shut down the first question of his press conference great question I'm really glad you asked that cams are quarterback Belichick set Belichick post-game message according to Newton also reflected how entrenched the coaches in the idea of smoothing out the flaws rather than making Personnel changes we just have to be better collectively and he was right you can share it I think we didn't play a good style or brand of football tonight and they did it they made more place than us so it led to the winning unless they want to further add to their largest lost total since 2002 the Patriots may want to consider making the game plan less one-dimensional after getting figured out and shut down in a game they needed to you think you think about Newton right now.

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