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Hey everybody, and welcome to our report for College Football odds spreads, September 28th, 2019 final Saturday of September September for college football we'll get to all that taco get to a free college football play in just a moment first quit notice if you have yet to take advantage of a discount for the rest of the football season which includes college football in the NFL. Be sure to do so before the discount is 33% off the rest of the football season again that's college football and NFL you don't have to purchase separate go to my homepage of if you want this discount click on the football season package and then you'll be asked to enter a code when the code is sfb season 33 FB season 33 all one word 33% off rest of the football season college football and NFL and the right gular play e price you remember last year the first couple of weeks we were so so then we caught fire and just had a tremendous run the rest of the year we ended up a number one in college football and NFL combine as we speak right now

weekend last week of the NFL with 3 in 1 week picked up about eight and a half units are there about overall since last Saturday we have picked up almost 26 units of profit just since last Saturday we've made a popping unit wise the last two weekends in college football the last two Saturdays NFL to of the first three weekends we'd made a profit unit wise and this is what we kick it into gear now as we get in a week 4 NFL week 5 college football love this time of year on the Gridiron and again at that rest of the season discount is available still as we speak again. Code FB season 33 and I told her right now 33% off rest of the football season I took to go this weekend I had no premium pics on Thursday or Friday we did have the free pick one or here on Memphis on Thursday night and free pick weather that we have for Friday well do it in Virginia Tech are taking off as we speak told you we were going to

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to you early so we can get you a plate for Saturday that plenty of time to watch the video and get down on this game if you happen to agree with me will give you that in just a second quick note 7 unit play for Saturday still has yet to go it is part of the eighth play package 5 plays on Saturday 3 plays in the NFL including Monday Night Football including our our fourth 6 unit play of the football season over BYU so 8 plays it all 8plays it'll still to go Saturday and Sunday in Monday night all available including the seven Southern Union College football play the 6-unit NFL played me a beat t a ction action on Saturday here's the thing we're jumping into our handicapping after tonight's games after the Friday night games and as I said I'm coming to you a little bit early on Friday but I will jump into Saturday's game on Friday night so what to do what'd you do go to check out my homepage and you'll see whether or not we're going to be an action if we are those plays will be posted at 11:30 a.m. eastern time there's a couple of great spots on Sunday in Major League baseball but

on Saturday so it might have to be a past WNBA they've been off for a few days playoffs resume on Sunday I'll be an action we are running 18 + 8 + Forty 4423 + 2 winning runs in the WNBA NASCAR by the way will be posted Saturday night no later than 11 p.m. Pacific for Sunday's race you know how red hot we've been there 910 last 10 NASCAR races and now since early May May May 16 + and 480 percent winners with our NASCAR Betts and we are up over 55 t to 100. $100 per unit so we can ask you will be available at 11 p.m. Pacific on Saturday night for Sunday's race let's get to the free pick for Saturday it is a big 12 and I will stay in Waco to take on the Baylor Bears Cyclones laying 3 of this one we think that the wrong team is favored here we actually think the game should be pick up and maybe even Baylor - 1 -1 when we break down the matchups we already chewed Brock Purdy fan the quarterback for Iowa State or a bigger Matt Rhule fan the coach for

Baylor Bears who slowly turning things around in Waco the rock you at 3 and no start last week you got to get the Cyclones credit they come off a tough one-point Mazda Iowa Iowa Iowa. 17-point favorite against the ul-Monroe and really instead of going through the motions and being flat they put 72 on the board against Monroe easily cover the spread they won by 50 + points Baylor what I like about this matchup and I like about this line over the public is going with it is that Baylor the rice owls but they were up at 21 and 1/2 time to write back a couple of touchdowns they had a ridiculous total yardage advantage of something like 3:20 to 9. Neighborhood and then they left their foot off the gas there's no doubt about it but what that's done for this week has given its value on this home underdogs we're back in the Baylor Bears here we think they're going to be a little too tough for the Cyclone's going on the road I like Brock Purdy but I think Baylor is going to be able to outdo all them

I think Baylor ends up winning the game by about a touchdown to 10 points and we're getting three points with a Baylor Bears as the old dogs are free paper Saturday is Baylor plus two points over Iowa State don't forget about Saturday and Sunday and Monday Swift plays that I have this week still to go Saturday 5 pallet Place 7 you to play on a Sunday and Monday 3 NFL plays included the 6-unit play you can't miss out either one of us out of 65 and 42 runs in the NFL 1 1 C 60 ext and 1/16 and 1/16 ls e what e 160 + 116 long-term long term in college football plays and we'll be right back here on Saturday again we're going so I e can Saturday so we get your plate for Sunday's NFL videos click on that Thumbs Up Button be sure to subscribe by more likely Saturday will talk to you will talk to you

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