Nicole Scherzinger stuns fans in see-through jumpsuit as she does housework in style

NICOLE Scherzinger stunned fans in a dazzling see-through jumpsuit as she did housework in style.

The 41-year-old star has been impressed with her work - wearing blue washing gloves and accessories for her bed.

Nicole Scherzinger Housework See Through Jumpsuit

Kotak Doll took to Instagram to show off her eye-catching look, killing followers when she has torn apart in flashy tears in one of the snaps.

Nicole shows off a glimpse of her black underwear through a brightly-patterned dress.

She straightened long pairs of dark hair and loosened it around the shoulders, adding silver glitter heels and plain jewelry.

The stars have also put on full make-up for the occasion - including a bold coral lip - and she is posing with a mop while working on the floor.

Nicole Scherzinger Housework See Through Jumpsuit

The second photo shows Nicole in the same outfit, but she changed the washing-gloves for the oven mittens while cooking some food.

The singer is holding a wooden spoon in one hand while being enslaved on a stove and giving the camera the gift of a covering look over his shoulders.

He headlined the post: "Working Quarantine Cleaning and Cooking Clothes @ @ Todrick's New Album # Quarantine Queen" After Listening.

Nicole Scherzinger Housework See Through Jumpsuit

One fan commented: "You kill me with your clean and cooked clothes. How can you be so perfect?"
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