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NFL Game Recap All-Decade Team: Who got snubbed?

AB made his playing year the best player of the year. The sixth-round pick from the University of Central Michigan has surpassed one thousand yards for at least 100 passes between 2013-2018. His off-field antiques over the past year may have changed his public image but his stats speak for them.

Larry Fitzgerald

"Fitz" will definitely be Farmer's first ballot, and his time in the 2010s will support it. After the 2006 postseason, his play-off legacy was already cemented. His heroic performance in the 2015 divisional round against the Packers will go down as one of the best postseason performances of all time. Fitzgerald has become a regular-season threat, posting four separate 1000-yard seasons over the decades.

NFL Game Recap All-Decade Team Who got snubbed

Calvin Johnson

Madden 13 Cover Athlete was unrivaled in his time in this decade before retiring in 2015. Megatron has recorded at least 1000 yards per season this decade; Nothing bigger than his 2012 campaign, with a total of 122 catches for 1,9644 yards, which was 122.6 yards for a fantastic average. He's 6’5 ”237-pound frame is the most physically dominant of his era.

Julio Jones

Former Crimson Tide pass-catcher Matt Ryan expanded his time with. Jones is certainly running for the eclipse of the decade; Leading the league once at the reception, twice yards and three times per yard per game. Despite the lack of a Super Bowl ring on his finger, Jones has dominated his postseason career with six touchdowns in his eight games.


Dandre Hopkins

Hopkins has made his debut as one of the best receivers in football, if not at the top. Hopkins' Watson would have had more than three seasons, and Hopkins would have been on the list if not for most of his career with Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallet.

Tight Indus


Rob Gronkowski

Grano erupted in 2010 and never looked back. After his camouflage year, his 17 touchdown seasons of 1,327 yards in 2011 set a record for a tough finish at that time. Gronkowski's touch9 reception was higher than any previous player in 2010.

Travis Kells

With Gronkowski's retirement, Kells has taken the torch as the league's greatest end and added a Super Bowl championship to his career following the Chiefs' 31-20 win over 49 of the Super Bowl live. Since being drafted in 2013, Kells has recorded 1,000 yards per season since 2016, including five pro bowl selections to his name.


Zach Artz, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates

Each of these players has a glimpse of greatness throughout the decade, but they didn’t qualify enough to get on the list for the duration of the 2010s.

Offensive tackles


Jason Peters

Peters has been a consistent presence to protect the blind side of the Philadelphia quarterback for more than a decade and a half. After the draft was made in 2004, the Super Bowl of Peters' dedication to the franchise paid off with a win for LII.

Tyrone Smith

Dallas features one of the most terrific offensive lines in football, year in and year out, and Tyrone Smith is a major part of the Dallas Foundation. The ninth overall pick of the 2011 draft proved its success at Lone Star State, signing itself an eight-year, বছরের 97.6 million contract.

Joe Staley

The six-time pro bowler started all sixteen games in six different seasons, including five straight ones, in 2011-2015.

Joe Thomas

Lifetime Cleveland Brown started all sixteen games per season except 2017, including ten Pro Bowl selections from the first season of 2007.

Offensive guards


Jahri Evans

Evans spent most of his career at Green Bay in New Orleans before finishing the NFL season in 2013. The Super Bowl XLIV champion started all sixteen games in five different asons in the 2010s.

Logan Mankins

The former Patriots and Buccaneers peeked into the late 2000s, but the seven-time pro bowler still had enough success before retiring in 2015 to make the list.

Jack Martin

Another major part of the Cowboys offensive line has been making the Pro Bowl every season since it was drafted in 2014 and starting all sixteen games per season except 2018.

Marshall Yanda

The watchdog's unanimous choice has anchored the Baltimore line since 200 and features seven pro bowl selections, including six from 2011-201.


The case could have been made for lots of players but the selections stood out with a healthy season and Pro Bowl honors.



Alex Mack

When Mack was traded from Cleveland to Atlanta, experts claimed the move would put the Falcon on top. Mack proved his worth as a driving force for the team's tour of the LI of the Super Bowl in his first season in Atlanta. Throughout the decade, Mac was selected in five Pro Bowls and still hasn’t missed a start in Atlanta.

Morkis Pauni

The former Florida gator provided a great boost to the Pittsburgh offensive line. Every year since 2015, he has been selected in the Pro Bowl since 2014, where he missed the entire season due to ankle surgery.


Jason Kells

The Super Bowl LII Champion features a resume with three Pro Bowls and three Pro Pro selections that will earn him a place on the list.

Defensive termination


Calais Campbell

Campbell's 6'8 "300-pound frame allowed him to be defeated in the Scrimmage line, especially as a passer-by, as he kept 61 sacks on time with Arizona and Jacksonville in the 2010s.

Cameron Jordan

Since being drafted in 2011, Jordan has never missed a game in the regular season for the Saints and never misses just one start. Jordan developed 90 total tackles and 15.5 sacks throughout the decade before the 2019 career season.

Julius Pepper

It looks like Pepper has been in the league forever and his game continued to boost defense throughout the decade. He has split time with Chicago, Green Bay, and Carolina and played at a high level and a mentor to young players before retiring after the 2018 season.

JJ Watt

Watt is arguably the most defensive player in the game when he recovers. The unanimous pick picked five Pro Bowls, five Pro Pros, and completed two seasons with more than 20 sacks. The 2013 Walter Payton Man of the Year has also become incredibly humane in an effort to help respond to the coronavirus and Hurricane Maria.


The league has got this right. There is no standout snub in the position.

Defensive tackles


Zeno Atkins

While the Bengals have been subpar for most of the decade, the Atkins stood out with eight Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro selections.

Fletcher Cox

To anyone who is publicly told that he doesn’t see a lot of play outside of his career, Cox has been exceptional in his case. The Philadelphia Defense anchor has become a brick wall in the line of praise, including five Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl championship.

Aaron Donald

Since joining the league in 2014, the biography of the unanimous pick has been unmatched among defenders. In his 28-year season, the 2018 NFC Champion has won six Pro Bowl selections, five All-Pro selections, the 2014 Defensive Rookie of the Year award, and the 2017 and 2018 NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards.

Namdukang Suh

Despite being past some so-called dirty drama, Sue forced her will into her NFL offense with ease. In addition to being recognized as a defensive rookie in 2010, Suh has extended the presence of five pro bowls and three all-pro selections.


Vince Wilfork

Wilfork appeared in two super bowls in the decade and on the defensive lines of both New England and Houston.

This Syracuse Elam spread to New England and won the Super Bowl X LLX in its third season. Jones has grown as a star since his career in Arizona, building two Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams since coming to the desert.

Luke Kaichli

The former Boston College angel has become a tackling machine, making pro bowls every year after his or her tutor. Quechley has twice led the Tackles League and has tackled more than a thousand times in his career.

Khalil Mack

Mac has been endless since the draft was made from Buffalo. Mack made a name for himself in Oakland and helped restore the "Midway of the Midways" when he traded in Chicago. The defensive player of 201 Def lengthened the double-digit sack in four seasons from 2015-2016.

Von Miller

The unanimous pick could be Russia's greatest pass of this generation. The 2011 defensive rookie was the 2015 star Broncos, one of the greatest defenses of all time. His stellar performance in the Super Bowl 50 earned him MVP honors with two strip-sacks from the 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton.

Bobby Wagner

Wagner is one of the most athletically talented middle linebackers of the decade, identified as a constant in Pete Carroll's defensive group. The six-time Pro Bowler and five-time All-Pro have led the league once in combined tackles and once in singles tackles.

Patrick Willis

When he wrote a name for himself in the 2000s, Willis anchored a 49ers defense that went straight to three NFC Championship games.


None. The NFL got this right.



Patrick Peterson

Peterson's dual ability as a lockdown corner and the threat of a return enabled him to achieve a reputation of greatness throughout the league. Peterson made Pro Bowl in each of his first eight seasons, led the league to a fragile recovery in 2012, and took 25 interceptions over the decades.

Darrell Reeves

As its chief, no one shuts down elite receivers like “Revis Island”. Revis finally won a ring with New England in 2014 and made five Pro Bowls over the decade.

Richard Sherman

Sherman backed up with his performance on the field as the self-proclaimed “best corner of the game”. Sherman led the league in defensive passes in 2012 and has been at odds with Super Bowl XLVII since the Captions suffered a major Achilles injury in 2013. Stanford Elum has rearranged himself and returned to glory in 2019 as an NFC champion and Pro Bowl selection.


Stephen Gilmore

The 2019 defensive player has become a real shutdown corner and instantly the best of the game, Gilmore led the Interceptions League in 2019 and made the Pro Bowl in three of the last four seasons.



Eric Berry

Berry provides one of the most inspiring stories ever. Berry led the league in defensive touchdowns twice. One of Berry's three All-Pro selections came just a year after he was diagnosed with cancer in a season where he was named Player of the Year for 2015.

Eric married

The iconic wedding tapes will not take the shadow of his great game with bare hands fingers and beard chargers, Ravens and Rams. He led the league in 2011 with seven interceptions, including six Pro Bowl selections, including three directly from Baltimore in 2016-2017.

Earl Thomas

Thomas could be the best "centerfielder" in free defense after determining Ed Red's position. The Super Bowl XLVIII champion was the original member of Seattle's "Legion of Boom". Thomas was also All-Pro for three consecutive seasons.


None. The NFL got it right.

Extra defensive back


Chris Harris

Harris is another integral member of the 2015 Broncos and stood in the corner of the slot. Harris also made four pro balls in the decade.

Tyrone Matthew

“Honey Badger” remains a larger nickname in the league for LSU lubricants. Two-time All-Pro and Super Bowl LIV champions felt his presence with Arizona, Houston, and Kansas City.


It may be open to explanation but the NFL has made a tough choice in this position.



Johnny Hacker

Hacker has twice led the league at the Painting Yard and his 65-yard pants at the Super Bowl LII is a Super Bowl record.

Shane Lechler

The 18-year-old has had a great decade spending time with Oakland and Houston, including leading the league at the Ponting Yard at the age of 41 in his final season in 2014.


Marquette King was certainly fun to watch, but his 2014 league top season wasn’t enough to get him a place on the list.



Stephen Gostkowski

Despite missing out on his career from time to time despite making mistakes year after year with extra points for missing the 2015 AFC Championship game, Gostkowski led the league in goals on the field twice and topped three straight Pro Bowl appearances in 2013-2015.

Justin Tucker

As a unanimous pick, Super Bowl XLVII champion uttered the word "clutch" when he entered the league in 2012 to win the game against the Patriots and the Denver playoffs, with more than 90% of field goals per year.


None. Gostkowski and Tucker's 2010 best kickers were far from over.

Putt Returners:


Trick Hill

Hill was incredible as a returner despite his off-field problems. In his rookie season, he led the league in punt return yards, every yard of effort and touchdowns. Hill has returned a total of 5 touchdowns in his career.

Darren Sprolls

Sproles is the only player to have made the two-position list as a punt returner and a FLEX offensive player. Sproles has incredible momentum as a three-time pro bowler and has led the league and Pont Return Yard and Touchdown in both 2014 and 2015.


There were glimpses of the greatness of Randall Cobb, Julian Edelman, and De Sian Jackson, but the list was not enough to join this position.

Kick back:


Daven Hester

Hester is arguably the best kick returner in NFL history. In 2013 and 2014, he led the league in kickbacks at Yardage. History has also logged a total of 19 return touchdowns in his career.

Cordell Patterson

Over time with Minnesota, Oakland, New England, and Chicago, Patterson was as dangerous a returner as anyone in the league. Patterson led the league with a five-surprise surprise kick return touchdown.


Jacob Jones

Jones has led the league in two return touchdowns and holds the record for the longest kick return in Super Bowl history with a 108-yard touchdown against 49 in an attempt to win with the Ravens in the Super Bowl's XLVI.



Bill Belick

The all-time best coach has just re-launched his Hall of Fame in a decade, appearing in five Super Bowls and winning three. His patriotic teams did not finish with less than 11 wins in the 2010s.

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NFL Game Recap All-Decade Team

NFL Game Recap All-Decade Team Who got snubbed

Pete Carroll

Kerala's passion and enthusiasm will not lead people to believe that he is the oldest head coach in the league. He joined Belichick as the only other coach this decade to reach multiple Super Bowl, winning the Super Bowl XLVII and eventually losing the Super Bowl XLIX.


None. The presence of multiple Super Bowls from Belick and Carroll sets them apart from the pack.

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