Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams Has played football for more than a century and a half at the college level, old rivalries and teams have been playing each other since the Civil War. The game has evolved since the beginning when a number of college and university athletic teams were on the field, since today there are only 130 more teams in the NCAA Premier Division I Football Bowl Division (FBS) and a few other smaller divisions, creating a lot of gridiron action.

The longest competition in college football

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams Several universities can boast of long-term football competition, including Harvard vs. Yale, Ohio State vs. Michigan, and the Army vs. Navy. But the oldest annual matchup is between two smaller organizations in Pennsylvania. Ethan's Lehigh University in Bethlehem and Easton's Lafayette College meet every year, but since 184 it has become the oldest rival in any department of college football.

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams Both the Mountain Hawks of Lehigh and the Leopard of Lefebvre played at the Patriots League Conference of the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). At the end of the 2017-2018 season, Lafayette led the 78-70-5 series. "The Rivals," as it is known, is so ancient that it predicts the practice of giving away trophies for important college football victories. Instead, the winning team puts the ball in the game by writing the final score to preserve the memory of victory.

Other lasting matchups

A few years after Leah and Lafayette started playing, the Ivy League University Princeton and Yale first met in 1873 then Princeton, then known as the College of New Jersey, defeated Yale 3-0 in that game. As of the 2017-18 season, the ale-53-10 series has a slight edge over the yale. Yale’s rivalry with Harvard University is almost old; The two schools first met in 185. Harvard Crimson beat Yale Bulldogs 4-0 in that game, but Yale held the winning edge as of the 2011-18-1-18 season, as the score was -567-99-7.

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams

Among the major public universities, the oldest college football competitions are between the University of Minnesota Gophers and the University of Wisconsin Badgers. The two Big 10 football powerhouses have met every year since 1890, with the winner taking a trophy called "Paul Bunyan's Axis". As of the 2017-18 football season, Wisconsin holds the edge of the series, 60-59-8, and they have won every matchup since 2004.

Division II and third competitors

As Lehi and Lafayette have proven, you don’t have to be a Power House college football program to compete with old. In Division II football, Emporia State and the University of Washburn hold arrogant rights to rival the oldest college. The Hornets and Washburn Ichabods of Emporia State first met in 1899, with Emporia winning 11-0. After the 2017-18 season, the Hornets enjoy a 52-52-6 advantage after the start of the “Turnpike Thistle” (as it is now called).

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams

In the third section, the feud between Williams and Amherst colleges is considered the oldest. The two teams first played each other in 1881. In that game, Williams F. Amherst defeated Lord Jeffs (now known as Mammoths) 15-2. Since then, "America's Biggest Short Game," as fans call it, Williams has kept the slightest aspect of the contest, 72-55-5.

The oldest college teams

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The 1869 game between Rutgers and Princeton marked the greatest rivalry in college football since its inception. This is the first time a college or university in the United States has hosted a football team. Then, there were 25 players on each team, points were scored through the opponent's goal by kicking or batting the pocket, and you could not carry or throw the ball.

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams

Top 10 Oldest College Football Teams By the end of the 1800s, the rules of college football had been coded and the sport was rapidly becoming popular in large public and private organizations. The University of Michigan is often referred to as the first major state university to have a football team; The Wolverines first took to the field in 18 first9. In 182, the University of Minnesota came in second.

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