Slot Target in the Olympics | Men's Boxers Target

Men's Boxers Target The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) is aiming to make at least ten Filipino athletes eligible for the 2012 Tokyo Olympics.

"Hopefully, we have six choices. That's our goal. But if it goes beyond 10, it's even better, "said Poki's president Abraham Tolentino in a report by Peter Atencio of the Manila Standard.

A bold 10-slot goal at the Olympics

Based on the Philippines' record of participation in the Olympics, which began at the 1924 Paris Olympics, it's rough, daring, or both.

The Philippines won a total of three silver medals at the Olympics in the Fourth World Summer Games.

Slot Target in the Olympics | Men's Boxers Target

Two of them were Boxing 19 at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Men's Boxers Target The third silver was won by well-heralded Hedlin Diaz at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the first medal in the country to win the silver medal in Boxing Manasquito Velasco last in Atlanta.

The question is where the POC made its launch, the nearest guess is the 30th Southeast Asian Games, the Philippines' organizer that dominated the biennial 11-country regional meeting.

The Philippines has won a total of 4 gold medals, followed by Vietnam and Thailand with 1 and 3 gold medals respectively.

As he climbed to the top of the Philippines and surprised himself, from sixth (in Kuala Lumpur on May 25), the president spent a special P1-100 million on the campaign at the 2020 Olympics.

Should the SEA Games, a sports festival centrally that allow the inappropriate end of the host country, act honestly as a goat or road map for goals in the Olympic campaign?

Slot Target in the Olympics | Men's Boxers Target

However, for the record, the Philippines have qualified only two athletes so far in the 2020 Tokyo Games, who are gymnast Carlos Yulo and pole vaulter EJ Obiana.

Weightlifter Hedlin Diaz, who won silver at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, is in the process of finding a slot in Tokyo next year. The National Weightlifting Association says it expects to send seven more athletes to the next Olympiad.

Still, strong hope is for the boxers to rely on.

"We are sending our boxers to the selection team in February and May," said Ed Pickson, Secretary-General of the Philippines (ABAP).

Leading the charge is Nesty Pettisio, the gold medalist in the latest world women's tournament and the strongman Yumar Marshall in the latest men's championship.

Slot Target in the Olympics | Men's Boxers Target

"In order not to receive credit from other NSAs, we acknowledge the surprise completion of the Philippine delegation to this year's SEA Games," said Dickson. "But the app stands out for its continuity throughout the year."

Men's Boxers Target

By proportion, Pickson says they have won 4 medals, eight of them equal to gold at this year's SEA Games.

Nevertheless, a major incentive for APAP is to appoint a new World Boxing Agency to oversee the banning of the International Olympic Committee in place of the International Boxing Federation (IBA) at the 2012 Tokyo Games.

Iba has been blamed for a number of controversial losses suffered by Filipino boxers at the Olympics.

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