Indeed Prime cost money Easy Steps To More Sales

Indeed Prime cost money Easy Steps To More Sales

 Indeed Prime: Meridian Business Support's mission statement is to provide quality tailored recruitment solutions for our clients across a number of disciplines. Overall, we've got 33 branches and employ 250to 300 people. With Indeed Hiring Events we make hiring easier because we have a planned program of activity over a period of time - three weeks where we build impressions and branding and we add Facebook and other social media channels into that and we collectively work on the material together and bring candidates and book candidates in, make sure that candidates meet the criteria because we've got screening questions the people who do turn up are who we want to see. 

Gives you the opportunity to gain trust and have the client here so you've got clinical people and operational people here who are doing the day job. Works extremely well from a sourcing perspective and the candidate level of interest perspective and we've met the candidates so it's much warmer and it's a better feel. When I got in here, I was assisted, introduced to a lot many people there was a lot of networking happening, came across people who helped me out with the roles and responsibilities, who told me how the role is going to be, what exactly I will be doing in the field I'm looking for, and after the whole question and answering procedure, I was taken for an informal interview and that's how the whole paperwork and everything were done. 

Indeed Prime: It's useful to be able to speak to people who are actually doing the job, rather than people who are interviewing you. It's much more informal and I think you get an opportunity to ask questions in a way that perhaps wouldn't be afforded to you if it was in a formal interview situation. You can spend a huge amount of time filling an application form, sending it off, waiting for information, turning up to an interview, and finding it's actually not what you thought it was going to be, whereas having something that's a bit more informal gives you a bit more scope to ask questions that you actually want to know about. 

The good thing about this event is that there was nothing hidden, like, whatever the event said it was going to be about, it exactly is the same, and my whole procedure, all the paperwork, everything is done. Just waiting for the call next week. Indeed has showcased the event on the platform - the world's number one platform.  We've also run a campaign, an Indeed brand campaign. Those two running alongside each other has meant that we've had a lot more eyes viewing this event. It'll give us candidates in different areas that we might not reach just through adverts or we might not reach through our database. And therefore feed our clients faster within our SLA so, therefore, meet the client's needs, and obviously, you know, it becomes a profitable operation for us really. 

Indeed Prime cost money Easy Steps To More Sales

What is indeed prime?

The subscription-based service was originally launched by Prime in 2016. It gives employers and employers access to a pool of pre-tested technology candidates that includes software engineers, product managers, and data scientists. ... In fact, Prime candidates have so far received over 85,000 offers.

Should I apply through indeed?

Granted, not every employer can take advantage of this functionality, but if the job is posted directly so you can apply there, chances are the employer will be as diligent in processing candidate applications through that site as you were through their company site. Apply

Is indeed free for job seekers?

Actually, a free service for job seekers, where you can upload resumes, create job alert emails, search

Indeed Prime cost money Easy Steps To More Sales

We've met candidates from different disciplines who fulfill the current criteria, so we met physios, OTs, paramedics, and nurses, and they're interested in a change in a career within their clinical qualification and we're giving them something different and it's social hours for them, it's something new and it's enhancing their clinical skills and, you know, they're really interested in what they saw today. 

We've given them lots of literature for them to go away and look at and we've booked in some screenings and some telephone interviews with them before we then take them down the road of sending them to our client. I'd certainly recommend Indeed Hiring Events to other organizations because it's a point of difference and it's something that would bring candidates towards you It's a different method within a market place because recruitment's changing. 

Indeed Prime

I wouldn't like our competitors to steal the march on us because we've already stolen the march on them and we'll be one step ahead anyway. So yeah, it will be good for organizations to use Indeed to fill their needs! 

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