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Tennis TWO will be back in the week when Aussie Alexei Papparin joins the world No 10 in the new league

Australia's Alexei Popierin is among the players who will take part in a new standalone tennis league starting next month in French Riviera.
The Ultimate Tennis Showdown is the brainchild of Serena Williams coach Patrick Muratoglo and Alexei's father Alex Papyri.

Tennis TWO will be back in the week when Aussie Alexei Papparin joins the world No 10 in the new league

The competition aimed to resume tennis in the absence of WTA and ATP tours, both postponed until at least the middle of July due to carnivorous epidemics.

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Matches 1-17. May begins with 10 clashes every weekend for five weeks with no fans at Muratoglou Academy, accounting for a total of 50 fixtures throughout May and June.

World No.25 Popeirin and No.1 David Goffin have been announced as the first match contenders.

However, in a short time, the first tennis match featuring ATP players will actually be played in Germany in the form of a tennis point exhibition series.

The UK Telegraph has reported that Dustin Brown, best known for stabbing Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon at 25, will headline a 12-match series for four days from May.

Germany has relaxed its COVID-19 lockdown, meaning that tennis can resume in three of the 16 states. One of these, the Rhineland-Palatinate, will be airing a series promoted by the Tennis Channel in America.

Due to travel restrictions, only local players will be able to participate, meaning the former world No.6 Brownfield title, with former ATP finalist Yannick Hanuman

Two weeks later, supporters from around the world will be able to interact with the players and listen to live conversations as there will be on-court or video coaching at the Muratoglo Academy near French Riviera.

"UTS has been interpreted as an alternative to what already exists," said Muratoglo, co-founder of the tournament, which trained 20-time Grand Slam Singles champion Williams in a statement.

"It is a platform created to showcase the incredible talent, athletes, and personalities of different players

"It offers a new and innovative approach, targeting a young tennis audience and offering a different way to distribute the money among players." French President Emmanuel Macron banned big events in the country until July 11 this week, but the league said They comply with the need for social distance to protect players and coaches Labe, the site will be fewer workers.

"UTS defines itself as a player-centric league and therefore presents a system that focuses on redistributing revenue among players. This system can be especially useful for low-level players, "added Muratoglo.

The co-Founder of UTS is equally enthusiastic about the idea of ​​Poppin.

"The fans at home will feel closer to the stars of tennis than ever before with our appealing format," said Potvin.

"There is no doubt that at UTS, exciting singles matches and millions of dollars in prize money are likely to be the most exciting tennis competition in the world."

Thanasi Kokkinakis is struggling with full health, suffering from a rash of glandular fever that left her unable to breathe for 10kg and sleeping.
The Australian, who kept an eye on his chances when he defeated Roger Federer at the Miami Open in 2018, was forced to miss his first Grand Slam of the year in Melbourne due to illness.

"When I was told that I stopped breathing while I was sleeping, my throat was swollen," Kokkinakis said.

Tennis TWO will be back in the week when Aussie Alexei Papparin joins the world No 10 in the new league

"I lost 10 kilos because I couldn't eat, now I'm trying to stay in shape, trying to be intelligent. I'm not looking too far ahead, trying to maintain shape and not pushing it too much.

Djokovic, Federer and Nadal Pressure Leadership to Help Low Ranking Tennis Players Survive Coronavirus

Novak Djokovic said Saturday that he, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal were providing support for players who suffered paralysis due to the coronary epidemic.
"I talked to Roger and Rafa a while ago," said Djokovic, the world number one in an Instagram engagement with friend and rival Stan Wawrinka on Saturday.

"In the near future of tennis, we had a long discussion about what's going to happen, how we can contribute, and how we can help especially the lower-level players, who are obviously struggling the most.


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