Join Our WhatsApp Group! First Tee of Central Florida to Golf Live Stream Lessons for kids

First Tee of Central Florida to Golf Live Stream Lessons for kids

Thinking about retirement after focusing on creating a bottom line for a long career, Scott Sprague decided to give back to the community instead.

First Tea in Central Florida offered the perfect place for a father of four who was a fan of golf, focusing his energies 34 years on banking and merchant services in the Orlando area.

First Tee of Central Florida to Golf Live Stream Lessons for kids

"Kids, golf, nonprofits, I want, wait for a second," Sprague, 56, recalled this week. "I am a believer and say that God has placed it before me for various reasons. It was the perfect fit, the perfect match, it was meant to be… I'm going to do it ”"

Sprague can barely keep up these days.

Shortly after Sprague's March 9 arrival to become the executive director of this organization, the Coronavirus sheltered closed schools, banned gatherings, and left families at home. While some golf courses were open, kids were no longer a star-starter, joining the team and learning the game.

Sprague does not want the program to have a positive impact on more than 1,000 young people in the first month of his career since the Orlando chapter of 2012.

Sprague and colleagues Sherry Darks and Julie Steinbauer aimed to engage their membership of the 18-year-old from membership, emphasizing a golf lesson video, games, and one of the core values of First Tee in a weekly newsletter.

The response to the email and the recent enthusiasm for video conferencing at workplaces and families across the country prompted the trio to launch live streaming golf instruction. The first lesson will start at 3:30 pm. Tuesday followed by Thursday for children aged 7-9, Wednesday at the same time for 10- 12-year-olds, and Thursday for 13- 18-year-olds.

First Tea in Central Florida is committed to a three-week course featuring indoor lessons next week, outdoors next week, and will eventually be sent to a 3-week course.

About 590 current members and former participants of the organization received an email Wednesday night to register. Starting Thursday, the sessions are open to all area children and teens who are interested in what First Tea has to offer.

Students can register for FirstTFL on the Central Florida website and click on the "Register" tab.

It wasn't exactly imagined that Sprague would increase membership of the local First Tea.

"It was unique and challenging," he said.

It has helped Sprague, Steinbauer, and Darks, now in its 22nd year with First Tee programs, have a firm belief in the mission of an organization with more than 200 chapters in all 50 states.

"It was a team effort," Sprague said.

The first tee often introduces golf to young people who otherwise would not necessarily get the chance to make it. Along the way, organizers hope that golf helps create nine core values, including respect, responsibility, and integrity, and inspires nine healthy habits that focus on family, school, and community.

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First Tee of Central Florida to Golf Live Stream Lessons for kids

It costs $ 75 to join the first tee for seven to 10 weeks. However, about 30% of the entry fees are paid by the entire company, and the remaining 70% of participants receive some level of subsidy.

First Tee of Central Florida to Golf Live Stream Lessons for kids

Up to 30% of children also accept donated clubs.

The first annual sponsorship to provide opportunities for its members, two annual tournaments depending on donations and fundraising events - which is scheduled for May 18 - will be postponed. The coronavirus has withheld many plans, and some people and companies may be skeptical about gaining power as they have in the past.

Sprague's enthusiasm and vision are sure to be tested in the coming months, but the Western Pennsylvania native is upbeat and in a challenge.

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